CORE Family

A year has gone by for being part of the CORE Family. I emphasized on the word family as it entails the true spirit of life. Our CORE group consists of 15 researchers of different academic and social backgrounds that are working together with academic and industrial experts of this project. This makes it quite astonishing as I myself come from a different culture (Pakistan) and research field (Materials Science & Engineering). Our Family is spread out across the whole Europe connecting together universities and research institutes under one platform. Our respected experts and management (Supervisors, Co-ordinator and Administrators) are the “guardians” of our CORE family. Alongside academic guidance and support, they provide us various networking opportunities like conferences, summer schools, workshops and many more. Overall it is a unique experience with fruitful conclusion at every stage.

I arrived to Manchester in July 2017. At that moment my baby princess was just 4 months old. At first abroad experience as a family man, I felt quite challenged. With the support and aid of CORE guardians, this feeling was soon wiped away and took less time than expected to get well settled and familiar with the new environment. Thus a new phase of life began.

CORE Family 1


There is a new experience in every stage of life. This project offers unique experience at every step. With time I and baby daughter have developed new skills with better understanding of our surroundings. While she was learning new abilities at home, I was polishing my skills in the lab. Collage of pictures shown below depicts the progress with time. As time passed she started to crawl and then even walk on her own likewise I managed to successfully design, procure and then construct my setup in our lab at the University of Manchester. In both cases obviously, it requires patience, commitment, hard work and can not be performed without support of guardians.

CORE Family 2CORE Family 3CORE Family 4

Technical and Professional Skills

CORE ITN network is a complete package not only limited to research work but also persuade us to develop interpersonal, organizational skills and abroad experience to other research institutes. These opportunities enable us enhance our understanding by meeting professionals in the field of academia, business & industry. This can benefit us during the project timeline as well as in the future. In mid of April 2018, Summer school on Process Analytical Technologies was hosted at the University of Manchester. My supervisor and I were the organizers of this event. It delivered an insight and layout of organizational tasks like venue bookings, planning and management of the event. In this I also managed to design website for our research group and for the summer school event.

CORE Family 5

CORE Family 6
For my academic secondment I visited Max Planck Institute in Magdeburg, Germany. Here I worked alongside with my CORE colleagues at MPI to determine model compound solubility data among different solvents and also performed deracemization Viedma ripening process. I also managed to contribute in CORE Crystal Growth competition event held at MPI for high school students. On weekends we planned some recreational tours to explore different cities near Magdeburg, Germany.

Keep connected till the end with Marie Curie Network

CORE is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network, it members are also entitled to Marie Curie Members Association. This platform provides an opportunity to keep us connected and up to date even after this project is completed. Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) has enabled a broader picture by promoting the creation of MC Chapters in different geographic regions to facilitate communication with its research fellows and encourage networking to establish mutually beneficial relationship between us and MCAA.

CORE Family 7

Ghufran ur Rehman
School of Chemical and Analytical Science
University of Manchester, UK

Ghufran started his journey in Academia by pursuing BEng in Materials Science from an esteemed institute (NUST) in Pakistan. He then laid his research foundation by doing an MSc with Honours in Advanced Materials and Process Engineering at Nuremberg University in Germany. This degree program was a unique combination of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering including advanced chemical processes and biological aspects as well.  

In addition to his research work at UG and MS level, he undertook an Industrial internship experience at the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited & Advanced Engineering Research Organization, learning about chemical processing, metallurgical and composite formulation and characterization. This provided him with an insight into industrial challenges that are usually faced in process engineering, making him aware of the need for standard operating procedures and test methodologies that are integral to industrial processes.

As part of his professional experience, he was employed as a research assistant in the Materials Department at FAU Erlangen University in metallurgy lab and also as student lab assistant in Max-Planck Institute for the science of light, Germany. After completing his MSc, he was appointed as Lecturer at Institute of Space Technology Islamabad Pakistan.

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